06.08.2018 The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  Man & Woman of the Year06.07.2018 Mike + Doug Starn: Big Bambú06.02.2018 Fred & Donatella Anniversary at La Table06.01.2018 Sandy Parkinson05.30.2018 Bess Wilson Birthday05.29.2018 Khalil Children05.23.2018 Symphony President's Luncheon05.21.2018 Generation park05.18.2018 Glassell Benefit05.17.2018 Legacy05.15.2018 Glassell Cocktails05.14.2018 Glassell Opening05.13.2018 Symphony Gala05.11.2018_80th Birthday Celebration05.10.2018 ARD Foundation Gala05.10.2018 Bradford PaperCity05.09.2018 Harry Winston and PaperCity05.08.2018 Shower for Kelly and Ben05.08.2018 Arms Wide Adoption Agency Luncheon05.03.2018 Rienzi Spring Party05.03.2018 Menninger Luncheon05.02.2018 Walter Towner Methodist05.01.2018 Hope and Healing Luncheon04.28.2018 Walk With Me04.27.2018_Hermann Park Gala04.29.2018 Raising the Barre04.25.2018 Menil Society Joseph Havel's Studio04.24.2018 Houston Ballet at Saks with Aquazzura04.20.2018 Heroes & Handbags Luncheon04.19.2018 Barbara Bush Literacy Luncheon04.20.2018 SIRE Gala04.18.208 YAUATCHA04.17.2018 Salvation Army Chic Boutique04.15.2018 MFAH Family Day04.14.2018 Opera Ball04.13.2018 Neuhaus Luncheon04.12.2018 Lawndale Arts Gala04.12.2018 MFAH College Night04.11.2018 Neuhaus Center Lecture with Drs. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz04.10.2018 Young Audiences GALA04.08.2018 MFAH Garden Party04.07.2018 Kari's Birthday Celebration Hotel Derek04.06.2018 Erika's Birthday04.06.2018 MFAH Bayou Bend Fashion Show04.05.2018 River Oaks Baptist School04.05.2018 CAMH at The Webster04.05.2018 PaperCity & William Middleton Book Signing at La Table04.04.2018 DePelchin Luncheon04.03.2018 Menil Contemporaries Spring Mix04.01.2018 Easter Family03.29.2018 Man & Woman of the Year Kick Off03.29.2018 Johnny Steele03.28.2018 Clayton Dabney Kissed By and Angel03.28.2018 HARC Luncheon03.27.2018 Menil Book Signing Double Vision with William Middleton03.26.2018 MFAH Recent Acquisitions of African American Art03.25.2018 Fox Family03.24.2018 MFAH Shoot Out03.23.2018 Rice University Friends Of Fondren Library03.23.2018 DIOR River Oaks (EJ)03.22.2018 Menil Spring Cocktails03.22.2018 Hermann Park Conservancy Hats In the Park03.09.2018 Laurier Blanc03.06.2018 Easter Selas Hats Off to Mothers Luncheon03.05..2018 Heidi Vaughan03.05.2018 MFAH Myrtle Wreath Society03.03.2018 Tiger Ball03.02.2018 MFAH Desert Peacock Opening03.01.2018 MFAH Charman Circle Dinner03.01.2018 Methodist President's Leadership Council Meeting02.28.2018 HARC Underwriter Party02.21.2018 Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades Exhibit02.17.2018 Ballet Ball02.15.2018 Catwalk for a Cure02.15.2015 Bo's Place Luncheon02.08.2018 Methodist - (EJ)02.08.2018 Memorial Park Conservancy Picnic02.08.2018 Asia Society Tiger Ball Underwriter Party at Hotel Icon02.01.2018 American Cancer Society with Ambassador Sally Cowal01.30.2018 MFAH Renzi Society Dinner with Harry Winston01.29.2018 St. Paul's01.28.2018 Berryman Family01.24.2018 Baby Julia01.20.2018 Brad & Lauren 40th Birthday01.25.2018 Miron Crosby10.19.2018 Glasstire Gala01.08.2018 Menil New Years Gathering01.15.2018 Dallas0113.2018 Party Anna and Darren Couples Shower12.20.2017 Piper Grandchildren12.11.2017 Upper Kirby ConsignmentAFE Holiday Party Hatcher12.16.2017_Tudor Holiday Party12.09.2017 Hatcher Holiday Party12.14.2017 Methodist Boom Holiday Party12.14.2017 Texas Children's Ambassadors12.09.2017 Fox Home12.08.2017  Menil Surreal Soirée12.05.2017 Asia Society Gala Kick Off Party at12.02.2017 Blanton Family12.01.2017 Methodist Founding Members Meeting12.02.2017 Luminous, The Menil Collection 30th Anniversary Ball11.10.2017 Joe and Whitney Rehearsal Dinner11.29.2017 FARFETCH11.27.2017 McCord Family11.21.2017 Miles and Josephine Dorn11.21.2017 Utterson Family11.04.2017 Audrey's Carnival11.20.2017 Wilson & Davis11.18.2017 1977 Year of the Snake Disco Birthday Party11.09.1017 Methodist Gala11.08.2017 CAMH Another Great Night11.07.2017 D3 Energy11.06.2017 City Artworks' The Art Of Conversation11.03.2017 Annie11.03.2017 Field's Family11.02.2017 Generation Park Shoot Out10.31.2017 Nancy Negley's 90th10.31.2017 MFAH Campaign10.25.2017 Rob Wilson's Birthday10.27.2017 Adams Family10.27.2017 Medical Bridges Gala at ZaZa10.26.2017 Bun B at Majestic Metro10.24.2017 Taylor & Graham10.24.2017 Power of Literacy Luncheon10.21.2017 Stabell Family10.20.2017 Brayden10.19.2017 Sky High10.18.2017 deBoulle at River Oaks District10.16.2017 Boom Family10.13.2017 Tribute Goods with Carrie Moss Aura Photograph10.13.2017 Methodist Paula and Joseph C "Rusty" Walter III Tower Celebration10.10.2017 Roberto Cavalli and Symphony10.07.2017 Harry Winston River Oaks District10.06.2017 MFAH Grand Gala Ball10.06.2013 TheSouthmore, A Hines Luxury apartment tower10.03.2017 DEFINE Body PaperCity10.05.2017 MFAH Fashion Show, Oscar de la Renta10.04.2017 MFAH Funders Dinner, Oscar de la Renta Exhibition10.03.2017 Sotheby's Collectors gather Here at McClain Gallery10.02.2017 Peckerwood Garden Luncheon - Taking Root08.23.2017_ Jules Baptism08.20.2017_ Tribute Goods09.26.2017_ re:Mind Luncheon ROCC08.18.2017 Houston Methodist insulin InjectionHouse of Harper07.29.2017_Christine's Baby Shower, Backstreet Cafe03.29.2017_4510 Adam Lippes07.15.2017 Anna&Darren Engagement Party07.14.2017 RalphS.O'Connor Honorary Degree Ceremony John Hopkins06.24.2017 Long's 50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner06.23.2017 Wes&Laura Rehearsal Dinner06.20.2017 Dr. Horning 100th Birthday06.17.2017 Arturo & Mar Wedding06.06.2017 St. Martin's Vacation Bible School06.03.2017_Menil 30th Birthday Party05.14.2017 JDRF Gala05.11.2017 Rothko Gala05.10.2017 Harry Winston PaperCity Garden Party05.09.2017 Spalding For Children05.09.2017 Musiqua05.08.2017 Bayou Preservation Luncheon05.03.2017 MenningerLuncheon05.03.2017 Menninger HCC05.02.2017 DePlechin Gala05.02.2017 Hope & Healing Center04.30.2017 Ballet Raising the Barre04.29.2017 Yam & Nacho Wedding04.29.2017 Easter Seals Walk With Me04.27.2017 Chinquapin Gala04.25.2017 MFAH Floresence04.24.2017 UNICEF04.23.2017_TCH Childrens Fun Day04.22.2017 Zoo Ball04.21.2017 SIRE04.21.2017 Bear4.20.2017 Menil Spring Cocktail Party04.19.2017 MFAH Rienzi Spring Party04.13.2017_MENIL Between Land And Sea04.13.2017 Methodist04.12.2017 TCH Dinner04.08.2017 Catherine & Spencer Engagement Party04.08.2017 Blue Bird Gala04.06.2017 Kissed By Angel04.05.2017 Young Audiences04.02.2017 MFAH GardenParty02.05.2017_Lynn & Elton03.31.2017 MFAH Fashion Show03.30.2017 Hermann Park Hats In The Park Luncheon12.09.2016 Kappa Tour